Galaxy S4 Wallet Cases

March 18, 2013

The best way to protect your Samsung Galaxy S4 and save room in your pocket or purse is to buy Galaxy S4 wallet cases. These cases are created like a bifold wallet, or a flip open phone cover, and have pockets to hold your driver’s license, ID, and money. You can easily slip in a credit card, some cash, a business card, or whatever you want or need to carry around with you. Typically, these cases are also leather, which means they are durable and look good. They will save you pocket real estate, which can be handy if you prefer not to carry around a bulky wallet and a phone in your pockets. They can also help you slim down what you carry. When you’ve got your phone in a wallet case, you’re more likely to clean it out and keep things like extra cards, receipts, and trash from building up in your wallet.

If you like to carry your phone in a purse, it’s still a great way to keep the things you use most together. Grab your phone and you’ve got your ID, credit card, and anything else you use often at your finger tips. They are very popular, and come in lots of colors and styles.

Premium Wallet Case

This premium wallet case comes in black, blue, red, white, brown, and light brown colors. Some colors feature a metallic finish, while the brown colors have a more traditional wallet look to them. The case holds the phone securely, and has an opening in the back so you can take photos and use the camera with the phone in the case. It has a card holder slot to hold an ID, credit card, cash, or other small item. The case flips closed and provides a good way to protect your phone, use it easily, and store items with your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Wallet Case Galaxy S4 Wallet Cases

Samsung Galaxy S4 Purse Wallet Case

Purse Wallet Case

This great case is a wallet style case that has spots for three credit cards, IDs, or other items you want to store. It uses a flip cover system to close the case, and has a second cover that snaps closed to keep the phone and case securely closed. When closed, the phone looks like a small clutch purse, and even has a wrist strap to help you hold on to it. The back side of the case has an opening so you can still take pictures and use the camera while the phone is in the case. This is also available in white and black leather with studs on it.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Purse Wallet Case Samsung Galaxy S4 Purse Wallet Case Closed

Samsung Galaxy S4 Purse Wallet Case

If you want to watch the commercials for the phone, you can see them here. The commercials, and Samsung’s past Galaxy series phone successes have created a huge demand for this smartphone that make tech junkies and regular customers alike excited for this phone. You’ll want to order your Samsung Galaxy S4 wallet cases while they’re in stock because they may sell out fast.

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jennifer April 25, 2013 at 10:38 am

Those purse cases look really cool. What a great idea!


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