Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Protector

May 2, 2013

The new Samsung GS4 is a great phone, and many people want to protect the brilliant OLED screen with the best Samsung Galaxy S4 screen protector. Some cases have a built in screen protector, but if you don’t like the extra bulk and weight of a case, you can still keep your phone safe from scratches, smudges, and other damage with one of the top rated screen protectors below.

Samsung Galaxy S4 360 Screen Protector

Samsung Galaxy S4 360 Screen Protector front Samsung Galaxy S4 360 Screen Protector back

This screen protector is clear and is made to perfectly fit the screen of your GS4, and also comes with a clear protector that covers the back of your phone, too. It is easy to install, and sticks to your screen without anything needed. This is a high quality self-healing polyurethane protector that will protect the front and back of your phone, allow you to use the camera, screen, and touch features without getting in the way. If you want a screen protector to cover more than your screen, and keep the back from scratches, this is the one to get.

360 Screen Protector


Galaxy S4 Vibrant Screen Protector

Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Protector VibrantIf you’re looking for a screen protector that just covers your screen, and provides the absolute best resolution and color this is the protector you need. It is also made of a self-healing polyurethane, and the way it’s made will keep your phone’s bright OLED screen looking as sharp and crisp as possible. It is a dry application, meaning it just sticks to the front of your phone. It also has anti-air bubble technology that makes sure your screen doesn’t trap any air bubbles between the glass and the protector, so you don’t have to worry about the frustration and unsightly bubbles of inferior protectors. It also has a lifetime warranty.

Screen Protector Vibrant


Samsung Galaxy S4 Clean Screen Protector

Samsung Galaxy S4 360 Screen Protector frontThe concept behind the Clean Screen Protector is that it keeps things like fingerprints, glare, and other smudges from showing up. It has a matte finish, which keeps the image looking sharp and crisp, but without the glossy finish of the Vibrant Screen Protector, it helps to hide all the smudges, fingerprints, and any glare from lights in the room or sunlight. It does have a different look to it. Instead of seeing your screen or screen protector, you actually focus on the image on the screen. Everything else (fingerprints, lights, any glare or distraction) seems to just fade away as you look past that stuff to your phone. It’s similar to looking through polarized glasses at water…without the glare, you can actually see what you want to see.

Screen Protector Clean


Galaxy S4 Privacy Screen Protector

Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Protector PrivateThis screen protector is probably less popular for most people, but if you have sensitive data on your phone, or don’t want anyone else to see what you’re looking at, a Privacy Screen Protector will do a great job. It is made with a matte finish, and built with a pretty cool and complex technology that keeps people from seeing your screen from all four sides of the phone. It is also a dry application, so it should be easy to put on and protect your phone.

Screen Protector Private


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