Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charger

March 16, 2013

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes a handy new accessory, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charger. This convenient accessory will save you time and hassle, as it charges the phone without the phone having to be plugged in. The Galaxy Galaxy S4 Wireless ChargerS4 will have to have a new back cover that allows the transmission of energy to pass through, and a specific wireless charger plate for the phone to sit on. Instead of plugging your phone in to charge it, you can simply lay the phone on the wireless charging base and it will power up your phone. It is convenient if you work in an office and want to keep one at your desk to hold your phone, or to use by your catchall on your counter, dresser, or night stand at home.

The Galaxy S4 Wireless Charger should hit the stores in April. It’s possible that this will work with third party cases and chargers, so you can be sure there will be lots of options to choose from with many colors and prices to pick. We will update you on the best Galaxy S4 Wireless Chargers as they hit the market. You can read more about wireless charging here.

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