Samsung S Health App, S Band, Heart Rate Monitor and Body Scale

March 16, 2013

Samsung is releasing a new line of electronic fitness devices to help you keep track of your exercises, weight, and weight loss goals. These new accessories do not have to be paired with the Samsung Galaxy S4, but they are being released at the Samsung Bluetooth Scalesame time the Galaxy S4 is being released, and will work with the new app by Samsung, the S Health app. This app will ship on the Galaxy S4, and since it will pair and work seamlessly with the following accessories, they should be a good companion for the phone.

S Health App

This app is supposed to ship on the Galaxy S4 phone, and will possibly be a downloadable app for the current Galaxy S3 phone. It will communicate through Bluetooth to the S Band, Heart Rate Monitor, and scale. Since it is Bluetooth, it may also pair and work with other monitors on the market like the Nike Plus system.

S Band

The S Band should work with the Galaxy S4 in a similar fashion to the way the Fitbit works, or the Nike Plus system. It will keep track of the distance you’ve traveled, calories you’ve burned, and give you overall reports on your daily, weekly, and monthly activity. It is supposed to ship around the end of April 2013, and is estimated to cost around $100.

Samsung Heart Rate MonitorSamsung Heart Rate Monitor

If you want more details on your workouts, then Samsung is releasing a Heart Rate Monitor that you wear as an arm band. It is expected to ship the end of April 2013 for around $70, and should track your heart rate during workouts to make sure you hit ideal levels for cardio, muscle building, and can track your performance over time.

Samsung Bluetooth Scale

Samsung is also releasing a Bluetooth scale to measure your body weight, and presumably your body fat percentage. If you are able to sync this with your phone, you can tell it your age, gender, height, and it will calculate your weight and let you know your body mass index, or BMI, track weight loss, let you know your body fat percentage, and presumably use social media to allow you to brag about weight loss, or get motivation from others. It’s expected to also be available the end of April for around $100.

For more information and a first look video, watch the clip below.


It is nice for Samsung to provide a seamless way to integrate your fitness and health with their new technology. The Samsung S Health App, S Band, Heart Rate Monitor and Body Scale will be out April 2013.

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Erik June 1, 2013 at 9:51 am

I’am interesting in the S band of samsung but i can choice three type, Small, Medium and Large. For which arm circumference is the small, medium and large band?


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